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        ? TEL    +86-576-87118156

        Company Profile

        Hongxing Manufacturing Group Limited, established in year 1998, is a leading professional manufacturing group with two manufacturing bases and one service center, specializing in high quality plumbing, heating, sanitary and electrical products and OEM parts.

        We have been in plumbing, heating and sanitary line with over twenty-year experience and supply to many leading manufacturers and distributors.

        Through acquisition, we enter electronic & electronical field in year 2010 and have another good business increase.
        New Products
        Hot Products
        Full range brass and plastic pushfit fitting for PB Tube
        Easy connection system for copper,multiayer,CVPC or PEX pipe
        Full range copper, bronze, brass ,malleable iron and plastic clips for pipe supporting
        Why Choose US
        • November,04,?2019

          Date Attended: 2019.11.4-2019.11.9 Country: France Booth: B129-5

        • November,20,?2018

          Date Attended: 2018.11.20 Country: Moroc Booth: 83-2

        • March,01,?2018

          Date Attended: 2018.3 Country: U.K. Booth: CH59

        • January,24,?2018

          Date Attended: 2018.1.22~1.24 Country: USA Booth: S4358

        • May,01,?2017

          Date Attended: 2017.5 Country: USA

        • March,03,?2017

          Date Attended: 2017.2.28~3.3 Country: Spain Booth: 6E38A

        Recommended Products

        We warmly welcome your inquiry, visit and cooperation. We will supply you with quality product,
        competitive price, prompt delivery and excellent service.
        4 Wayout Manifolds
        Pex Ball Valve
        Shut Off Valve
        Pex Ball Valve
        3 Wayout Manifolds
        Drop Ear Female Elbow


        Copyright 2019@Hongxing Manufacturing Group Limited. All Rights Reserved.
        ADD : Yuhuan Science Industrial Zone, Yanye, Qinggang,Yuhuan, Zhejiang,China
        ? TEL: +86-576-87118156
        ? Fax : +86-576-87467853

        CONTACT US
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